mTask's functions as a sort of digital courier

mTask's functions as a sort of digital courier. Anytime your business needs to get a document from point A to point B, mTasks steps in to make footwork much faster. The digital “paper-trail” mTasks leaves as it does work lets you track progress more easily.

mTask is where all of your eDocuments and eForms are created, stored and distributed. By using mTask’s comprehensive application you eliminate the need for staff to painstakingly recreate documents and forms or store physical printed documents, saving them time and money. Think of us as a secure and efficient digital courier who also creates and stores the documents for you.

Our intelligent eForms can retrieve, segment and store data, unlike paper - all without taking up office storage space, having to be printed or handled at all.

Data collected by mTask’s eForms is automatically sorted into databases for later use in reports, analytics, customer statistics and more.

Everything’s automated, it just works.

Medical Medical


Our swift eForm creation and turnaround helps hospitals and clinical staffers provide better care. Inaccurate and slow information has been shown to hamper successful treatment – mTask’s technology is designed to alleviate the hassle of paperwork in order to focus on lifesaving care.

Legal Legal


Maintain constant and secure contact with clients and colleagues, from the courthouse to around the block. Securely share Filings, Depositions, Updates.

Real Estate Real Estate

Real Estate

Overcome the industry’s notoriously slow process by communicating more fluidly with clients, agents, inspectors, prospective buyers and more.

Banking Banking


File paperwork and communicate more effortlessly across a broad range of business, saving time for all parties.

Corporate & Small Business Corporate & Small Business

Corporate & Small Business

Communicating in real-time can be a game-changer for businesses small and large. Manage documents interactively and collobarate on a whole new level. mTasks offers clear advantages at every turn, from data gathering to full analysis.


Some of the ways mTasks helps business go further and faster

  • A law firm needs to get a signature from a client on a document quickly. Rather than having the client rush to the law office just to hand-sign the document, he instead can digitally sign using mTasks
  • A hospital needs personal medical history ahead of a procedure, but the rural patient has difficultly making the journey. Instead of making multiple trips, the client can easily update their info from home.
  • Paperwork associated with a mortgage approval can be daunting. mTask allows brokers to have a direct instantline of communication withprospective buyers, eliminating unnecessary trips and saving everyone involved time and resources.

These are just a few ways in which mTasks can ease everyday business operations. Any time your business deals with documents, mTasks can provide greater control and oversite, allowing you and your people to focus on the more important aspects of business.

Forms can be constructed easily and efficiently, with logic operations embedded into the documents to save time and reduce potential errors. Fields can be Auto-Populated based on the actions required and previous data entries. The documents come with an auditable electronic “paper trail” for increased accountability.